Feedback from Meetup’s

The First meet up at Labella was fun getting to know the people.
Our Second one at the Mircosoft offices was interesting and informative, lots of shared passion for productivity.

Microsoft office Durban

Microsoft office Durban

These are some of the great tools that were discussed on top of the standard SharePoint introduction.

1) Boomerang
Check how it works below for Gmail/Outlook:
a) Gmail
b) Outlook mail Note: Please watch video 1 to see an awesome feature that’s not mentioned in video 2 – how to write better emails with boomerang – it’s an epic feature and it’s in Exchange online too )

2) “Find Time” is a great meeting time vote app
Check out it works:
a) Outlook mail

That’s about it, thanks to all for their time and contributions, it was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone. I love meeting like minded enthusiastic people.

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