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Welcome to Share-Point.co.za, thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. We strive to learn and find good solutions that make our customers love us.


The Share-Point company was founded in April 2017. We aim to provide quality advice to corporations mainly around technology, but we’re not your typical company as we believe in people making the difference, not just technology! We believe in good people and good relationships.

Social commitments 

Located in Durban, we love the Durban community, we arrange meetups and events to help people move forward. We believe in sharing technology and loving people. We also believe in doing a good job, and pulling out the stops.

The People

Share-Point.co.za started with Gregory Melson. He lives in Durban with his amazing wife Cindy and 2 furry friends Mushu and Lola. He enjoys the occasional brandy and coke, deep thinking and dance. The rest of the group consists of connections in various areas such as Engineering, IT and Marketing.

Why we do this

It’s personal, we love all kinds of technology no matter who develops it i.e. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon each has their place, you should pick what’s right for you (This is where we aim to help). Greg started out using SharePoint in corporate, where he could see the value of a platform like SharePoint, when setup and executed well it can make all the difference.

Examples of some value
Some of the main reasons many companies adopt SharePoint is that it’s platform is known to be a great place to store files with a high degree of security controls. It can link systems and allows a single source of the truth, this too can be strictly controlled with policy’s from IT. It’s also great as a way to always have a backup using its built in version control, which when used with other services can act as a powerful way to defend against ransomware.

The workflows in SharePoint can automate the laborious tasks and make your company optimize service delivery. With great ways to organise and manage systems from one single source, it’s easy to see how the workflow systems can help automate tasks and make life easier for the user and managers of those systems.

Greg moved from Corporate (PFK Electronics) and started Share-Point.co.za with the hopes to inspire and share his experience with fellow technology enthusiasts. This is how the story started, Share-Point is now just starting to grow, we’ve moved into more of a development space now, watch this space though there’s much more to come soon.

Our Startup People - Greg and Cindy Melson

Our Initial Startup People

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Our Office

Our humble startup Office

Our View

Our View