Technology Advisory Services

We often find that people find Technology to be complicated especially end users and even ourselves at times when something is new. This new world is very fast paced and people just want to huddle in the safety of what they know for as long as they can, unfortunately with today disruptive technologies this may mean that you won’t be in business unless you embrace that change.

We watch all the Technology events such as:

  • Microsoft’s Build
  • Google’s IO
  • Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference)
  • Amazon’s Invent
Microsoft Build Stage

Microsoft Build

Google IO Stage

Google IO

AWS ReInvent stage

AWS ReInvent

World Wide Developer Conference stage

Apple World Wide Developer Conference

To keep abreast of the current technology and we strive to learn the changing trends and then to make it digestible and simple for our clients i.e your business to benefit. Our focus is currently on Microsoft we are however open to new Technologies like Blockchain and how they can be used to better a company. This puts us in a unique position to advise on which technologies may help you.

We also know how to implement various systems i.e. Document Management, Electronic Forms, Workflow Automation, Data centralization, Secure ways to share only the files and information you want. We can even custom code but prefer to specialise in configuration and keeping a vanilla (basic install) to ensure you don’t have upgrade issues down the line.